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Community Foundations

People are active in a community foundation.

Community foundations are a fairly new way for citizens to become active in their communities. We focus in particular on partnerships and an exchange of experience and expertise between foundations. We also support Germany's community foundations by presenting key information on founding, managing and networking community foundations at a special website.

Focus Areas

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New TCFN Book "Local Mission Global Vision" Published

Local resources, local stakeholders, local solutions - these are essential to the work of community foundations. They are powerful philanthropic resources focused on specific geographic areas, pursuing fundamentally local missions. Yet in this time of rapid societal change, the local concept is increasingly infused with global considerations. Originally launched in the United States, community foundations have expanded to an international level, lending new resonance to the maxim "think globally, act locally."

Against this backdrop, a new book from the Foundation Center in collaboration with the Transatlantic Community Foundation Network (TCFN) titled "Local Mision - Global Vision. Community Foundations in the 21st Century" explores the growing internationalization of this form of organized philanthropy. Edited by Peter deCourcy Hero, Silicon Valley Community Foundation, and Peter Walkenhorst, Bertelsmann Stiftung, the book looks at new roles for community foundations in the 21st century:

-- Current and emerging roles from the international perspective
-- Potential impact of transnational evolution on organized philanthropy
-- Strategic focus and community leadership; issues and impact
-- Building stronger communities through creative philanthropy and prudent leadership

Authored by 17 thought leaders from around the globe, this volume reflects their expertise in the fields of social investment, venture philanthropy, strategic program planning, and nonprofit governance. The book can be obtained through the Foundation Center at http://foundationcenter.org/marketplace/catalog/product_monograph.jhtml?id=prod2100001 or any bookseller.

Website TCFN - Transatlantic Community Foundation Network

How a Community Foundation Works

A community foundation is a foundation established by community members for the community. It supports various nonprofit causes at the local level, and addresses issues that affect a segment of the community or the greater metropolitan area. Whether or not a community foundation is a success depends not only on the level of involvement in the community, but on how well the foundation itself is managed.


Info Portal: www.buergerstiftungen.de

What is a community foundation? What do I need to know to start one? How do I attract donors and sponsors? And how can I establish a sound financial base? You can find the answers to these and other questions at www.buergerstiftungen.de, a web portal launched by the Bertelsmann Stiftung to provide useful information about community foundations.


Germany’s First Community Foundation: The Stadt Stiftung Gütersloh (City Foundation of Gütersloh)

This is the pioneer among German community foundations: the Stadt Stiftung Gütersloh (City Foundation of Gütersloh). Established in 1996 as the first of its kind in Germany, the foundation has since pursued community-changing goals: promoting civic engagement, improving the quality of life and developing solutions to societal problems. The foundation’s slogan reflects its agenda: “Wir für unsere Stadt” (Our city, our responsibility).


The Success Story of Europe’s Largest Community Foundation

Great Britain is leading the community foundation movement in Europe. The community foundation serving Tyne & Wear and Northumberland in Newcastle is making history as Europe’s largest community foundation. Its activities address the needs of 1.5 million people. Long-time manager George Hepburn played a key role in the successful development of the foundation.


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New Report Outlines the Future of Community Foundations in a Transatlantic Perspective
The Transatlantic Community Foundation Network (TCFN), a project of the Germany-based Bertelsmann Stiftung with support from the U.S.-based Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, has released a new report outlining the major trends that will affect the work of community foundations outside the United States.

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