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KECK: Community Development -- Opportunities for Children

KECK: Community Development -- Opportunities for Children

All children have the right to a good education and to develop to their full potential. Studies on the national and international levels have shown, however, that socioeconomic background and cultural heritage can result in a lack of equal educational opportunity and other disadvantages, a situation that becomes even more apparent on the regional level in Germany. If they are to develop effective solutions, policymakers, practitioners and the public need detailed information on the factors impacting children’s lives.

The Bertelsmann Stiftung’s KECK project brings together data on social settings, education and health for children aged 14 and younger, depicting the figures graphically through its online atlas (www.keck-atlas.de). In an initial project phase, these data are being made available for all administrative districts throughout Germany.

In a second phase, the Bertelsmann Stiftung is working with the pilot regions Thuringia and Baden-Württemberg and the pilot cities Jena and Heilbronn to collect data on children’s living situations by looking at the varying social settings youngsters face. These data are being collated with the findings from the KOMPIK project, which is examining the development of children aged three and a half to six who attend a childcare facility. The figures are also being made available as easy-to-view maps and charts, making it possible for all stakeholders -- parents, teachers, policymakers and others -- to gain a clear understanding of the conditions impacting the lives of "their" children. KECK can therefore be seen as a valuable source of information for developing and implementing new strategies designed to improve children’s educational and developmental opportunities. In addition, it can be used to assess the impact of any measures taken with those goals in mind.


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