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Modern Regulation


Government regulation is an important part of society. Rights and responsibilities protect citizens and companies and are essential to well-functioning markets. In times of enormous debt and declining revenues, however, there is increasing pressure to take steps to correct inappropriate regulation or overregulation. The central question in this context is how to improve regulatory quality and make government action more effective. To that end, the state can take advantage of a variety of tools that are already being tested internationally. A policy that enhances the quality of regulation and lowers the level of bureaucracy for the economy, administrative bodies and citizens at large offers an opportunity for greater growth.

Focus areas

Network Building: Community of Practice

There are many good ideas for improving regulation and for implementing innovative solutions. Germany in particular can benefit from an exchange with its neighbors on proven policymaking strategies in this area. As a result, the project team is committed to promoting an in-depth discussion among experts and practitioners using a number of venues, including the annual International Regulatory Reform Conference (http://www.irr-conference.org/) and the International Regulatory Reform Network (http://www.irr-network.org/). In addition, conferences and publications at the national, European and international level help bring together stakeholders in the regulatory debate.

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Increasing the Effectiveness of Legislation and Enforcement

Making legislation more effective manes developing the necessary tools, processes and structures, such as regulatory cost-measurement systems and sustainability checks. Currently, the project team is developing a strategy for optimizing the enforcement of legislation by benchmarking government agencies.


Increasing opportunities for public participation

A key aspect of modern regulation activities is helping citizens get involved and increasing their involvement in the political system. More participation is one way to effectively address a democracy's weak spots and to improve processes and outcomes within both the policymaking and administrative spheres. Increasing participation among the public can thus be seen as an important complement to traditional representative bodies of government. At the same time, increasing participation helps make the public more aware of governance activities and how they work.


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International Regulatory Reform Report 2008

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