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Guide to Philanthropy and Foundations – Practical Tips for Philanthropists Starting a Foundation


Every foundation requires a certain minimum level of organization, that is, one or more boards with members willing to devote their energies to the foundation’s work over an extended period of time. Voluntary engagement in its governing bodies is essential for any foundation.

Additionally, some foundations can afford to hire full-time employees, which allows them to build a long-term base of expertise and experience in the foundation’s work. Our downloads provide more information on the following questions about organizing foundations.

 “Which type of board structure is the right one?”

An independent foundation needs boards to determine the foundation’s activities and carry them out. The board structure enables a foundation to efficiently manage its internal activities and navigate within the law, and it must be defined accordingly in the organization’s articles of incorporation. To make the decision about establishing a single or multiple-board structure easier for you, we have compiled the most important criteria you need to consider. In addition, we offer sample articles of incorporation for a number of organization types, including independent foundations and charitable trusts.

Criteria for selecting board members

 “How do I find suitable board members?” The question keeps many philanthropists awake at night, and rightly so. A foundation thrives or falters depending on the qualifications and composition of its governing bodies. “Which selection criteria play a role?” Read our download to find out.

Efficient board activity

The fundamental prerequisite for successful foundation work is a board that organizes itself; that is, board members themselves must strive to make the organization’s internal structures efficient. In our materials, we describe tools and methods to improve how your board works.

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