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Reinhard Mohn Prize 2011

How will the winner of the Reinhard Mohn Prize 2011 be selected?

The €150,000 prize will be awarded to a governmental institution which, on its own or in collaboration with a non-governmental actor, has carried out successful activities designed to achieve the following: vitalizing democracy, integrating underrepresented groups into the political process, and establishing new democratic approaches to problem-solving by strengthening political participation. The activities must be adaptable to the German context, as the Bertelsmann Stiftung will be drawing on these examples of international best practice as inspiration for possible future projects in Germany.

The search for the prize winner is global and involves wide-scale input from the public. People from all around the world were invited to visit http://www.vitalizing-democracy.org/ to propose, discuss and evaluate suitable projects. Proposals could be submitted through the aforementioned website until August 22, 2010.

After the deadline, 20 projects were selected for closer evaluation. Both the selection criteria and the public evaluation of submissions were transparent. A working committee comprising members from all domains of society in Germany nominated seven finalists in October 2010. In March 2011, some 11.600 representatively selected individuals were invited to choose the winner of the 2011 Reinhard Mohn Prize. The 2011 Reinhard Mohn Prize was presented at an award ceremony in June 2011 in Gütersloh, Germany.

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