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2006 Salzburg Trilogue

Asia ascendant, Europe eclipsed – Repercussions of the Asian century?

Bertelsmann Stiftung board member Liz Mohn and Austrian Chancellor Dr. Wolfgang Schüssel agreed on the topic of the 2006 Salzburg Trilogue during “The Sound of Europe,” the international conference that took place in January 2006 on the occasion of Mozart’s 250th birthday and Austria’s EU Presidency. “Asia ascendant, Europe eclipsed – Repercussions of the Asian century?” is the title of the gathering to be held from Aug. 9 to 11 and which will focus on the challenges that Asia’s dramatic ascendancy poses for Europe.

Concurrent with the Salzburg Festival, the Bertelsmann Stiftung and the Austrian Chancellor’s Office are planning to bring some 25 business, political and cultural leaders to Salzburg’s Residenz palace to deliberate on Asia’s increasing prominence in world affairs. Economic growth, demographic advantages, resource security, the ability to innovate and the influential power of culture are some of the global power potentials that are contributing to Asia’s geopolitical significance in the 21st century while diminishing Europe’s own influence. For Dr. Schüssel and Liz Mohn, Asia’s overall impact and the implications for Europe are going to be a dominant issue in the future. A discussion paper on the growing importance of key Asian countries in the political, economic and cultural arenas will form the basis for the Trilogue roundtable. German- and English-language versions can be downloaded at right.

More information will be available here soon.

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