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Alliance for Healthy Schools and Education in Germany (Anschub.de)

Anschub.de (Alliance for Healthy Schools and Education in Germany)

Alliance for Healthy Schools and Education in Germany

Schools are the daily environment where teachers and students learn and work. The structural and cultural changes taking place in society make clear that schools today are facing new types of educational challenges. The convergence of education and health is meant to create the foundation for high-quality, healthy learning and teaching in schools.

Project goal
The overriding goal of Anschub.de is to invest in health as a way of improving the quality of schools and, thus, in the quality of education over the long term. The notion of the high-quality, healthy school is the core concept in the Anschub.de program.

- Providing project partners with strategic and political influence to impact health and education policies
- Building local-level structures between schools, administrators, sponsors and regional partners
- Having health promotion recognized as part of school development activities in order to ensure educational quality
- Knowledge transfer and public relations
- Development of modules and recommendations to challenge schools to become high-quality, healthy institutions
- Support for individuals and institutions as they develop
- Identification and development of continuing education opportunities.

Since the 2004/05 academic year, Anschub.de has been tested, evaluated and developed further in over 40 schools in three pilot regions (Bavaria, Berlin and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania).

Target groups
Students, parents, teachers, administrators; non-classroom personnel; local-level sponsors; educational and health policymakers

Project partners
The 12 sponsors in the 3 pilot regions (ministries of education and health insurance providers) are networking with an additional 30 national partners to provide long-term support for the schools participating in the Anschub.de program.

Contact Person
Portrait Rüdiger Bockhorst Rüdiger Bockhorst
+49 5241 80-41825
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