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2006 Carl Bertelsmann Prize: Active Aging in Economy and Society.

Our society needs a change of direction — stimulate and encourage the employment of older people

With the 2006 Carl Bertelsmann Prize, the Bertelsmann Stiftung aims to accelerate the paradigm shift needed in Germany and invigorate society’s shift toward a more value-generating engagement and activity of older people in business and society.

Project Description

What’s new

Finnish program receives 2006 Carl Bertelsmann Prize

The Bertelsmann Stiftung is identifying ways to end the difficulties older workers have in finding employment in Germany. This year's prize also recognizes exemplary approaches from Australia, Great Britain and the Netherlands.


Looking abroad: Active aging in SWEDEN

Here we compile and evaluate findings on the employment situation for seniors in the context of demographic change for seven countries. In particular, we look at the specific political measures for promoting active aging through gainful employment and civic engagement. Each week we will post the results from one country. Our first three installments dealt with Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands. This week, we focus on Switzerland, a country that tops the OECD rankings in terms of employment of seniors. Why do Switzerland’s elderly have above average labor market participation rates?

Active Aging in Economy and Society?!

Study: Workers in Germany want to remain employed even in their later years – The majority prefers to choose a retirement age between 60 and 67

Information on

The 2006 Carl Bertelsmann Prize website is a great source for interesting and extensive background information on the prize’s theme of “Active Aging in Economy and Society.”
It contains the latest facts & and figures, as well as suggestions for further reading, an international weblink directory and event tips.


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