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Europe, Turkey and the Arabellion in Berlin, Brussels, Paris and Warsaw
„Even though US President Obama currently has to focus on the US job market and state budget, the conflicts in the Middle East call for immediate external actions,“ says US Middle East expert Michele Dunne. Mrs Dunne predicts that the new US administration will ...
Obama Re-Election: Pivot Back to Europe?
President Barack Obama's re-election provides an opportunity for his second administration to put a renewed foreign- and economic-policy focus on Europe. Chronically high US unemployment and his overwhelming support among Europeans places the president in a strong ...
Germans Do Not View Asia as a 'Yellow Threat'
For Germans, Asia’s ascendance as an economic power is more an opportunity than a threat. Germans also feel that the best response to the growing competition with Asia is greater cooperation and not an insistence on pursuing national interests. Those are just some of ...
NEUE STIMMEN 2012 begins with master class and lied master class
Exactly 25 years ago today Nathalie Stutzmann took first place at the inaugural NEUE STIMMEN International Singing Competition in Gütersloh, an event initiated by Liz and Reinhard Mohn. Since then, over 10,000 young talents from 70 countries have applied to compete, ...
Greece's Withdrawal from the Eurozone Could Cause Global Economic Crisis
Greece's exit from the Euro bears the risk of kindling a wildfire throughout Europe - possibly even on an international level - and may result in a worldwide economic crisis. Countries affected would include not only Southern member states and their EU partners, but ...
Global Economic Symposium 2012 Began
The fifth Global Economic Symposium (GES) began with an opening ceremony and reception at the Real Astoria Hotel, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Monday evening. During the next two days, more than 600 high ranking businesspeople, policymakers, scholars, and civil society ...
BRICS countries: delayed reforms are jeopardising positive development
Contrary to the forecasts of success in recent years, the ‘BRICS’ (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) are greatly in need of reform in key political areas. At the same time, their political systems often lack the capacity to reform, which is jeopardising ...
Immigration can mitigate the impacts of demographic decline – but only greater urban areas have benefitted thus far
Germany’s population is entering a period of natural decline; immigration is the key factor that could reverse this trend according to population forecasts. A current study, entitled “Migration and demographic change”, by the Bertelsmann Foundation shows, however, ...
Bürger an Verkehrsplanung beteiligt
Wenn viel befahrene Straßen mitten durch eine Stadt verlaufen, gehört die Planung von Ortsumgehungen zu den unter den Bürgern am emotionalsten diskutierten Themen. Viele Interessen wie etwa Lärmschutz und Naturschutz stehen sich gegenüber. In Waren startet das ...
Bertelsmann Stiftung recommends reform of European sovereign debt rules
According to a recent study conducted by the Bertelsmann Stiftung and Prognos AG, the Fiscal Compact signed by 25 EU member states in early March leaves much to be desired when it comes to promoting economic growth. The study “Maastricht 2.0” criticizes the Compact’s ...
No Big Deal
Then, millions worldwide closely followed the Obama-McCain match-up. Friends, family and colleagues far and wide constantly called, seeking insight into America’s upcoming vote. My e-mail inbox was flooded. As election day approached, it seemed everyone I knew wanted ...
Aart De Geus Becomes New Chairman of the Bertelsmann Stiftung
On 23 August Chancellor Angela Merkel launched a media campaign, “Ich will Europa” (“I want Europe”) with a video message from Berlin. The campaign, which is taking place against the backdrop of increasing criticism of the EU and the euro, emphasizes the advantages of ...
A Lifeline for Struggling Universities
In primary and secondary education the churches are taking over a lot of schools which hope for better financing through the takeover. In higher education a similar process is starting: while regulations are constantly changing, universities are also losing a ...
Whose permission do we need to be free?
When we think of democracy, those of us who live in democratic societies lay back, relaxed, with a smug smile on our faces. “Yeah, I’m cool, it’s pretty free around here”, we seem to say as we pity the unfortunate fools that had the bad luck to be born in some ...
Trilogue Salzburg!
Participants at this year’s international Trilogue Salzburg agreed: finding concrete strategies for achieving economic growth that is social, inclusive and sustainable is the main challenge facing policymakers, the business community and civil society. Held on August ...
Europhoria or Europhobia
The euro was introduced in 2002 amid great expectations. Ten years later it is looking rather vulnerable. The latest spotlight europe examines possible ways of rescuing the stricken European currency.
Aart De Geus New Bertelsmann Stiftung CEO
Aart Jan De Geus is the foundation’s new chairman and CEO, as of August 5. A native of the Netherlands, De Geus, 56, has been a member of the Bertelsmann Stiftung Executive Board since September 1, 2011 where he is responsible for programs relating to Europe, ...
Aart De Geus Becomes New Chairman of the Bertelsmann Stiftung
Aart De Geus today succeeded Prof. Gunter Thielen as chairman and CEO of the Bertelsmann Stiftung. Originally from the Netherlands, De Geus has been a member of the Executive Board since September 1, 2011 and is responsible for programs in the area of Europe, the ...
Romney’s Trans-Atlantic Policy must go back to the future
Mitt Romney’s first foreign tour as the Republican party’s standard bearer will be bookended by visits to two European states. Meant to send a message to potential voters at home, particularly to blue-collar Reagan Democrats in the Midwest, the trip will be about optics.
Bauen mit Verantwortung
Mongolische Bergbauunternehmen informierten sich über gesellschaftliche Verantwortung als Erfolgsfaktor. Eine Gruppe von Vertretern informierte sich bei der Bertelsmann Stiftung über Möglichkeiten, Chancen und Erfolge von gesellschaftlicher Verantwortung von Unternehmen.
Effective measures for improving therapy adherence could realize productivity gains in Germany of up to €20 billion
Widespread chronic illnesses cost the German economy billions in lost productivity / Greatest losses from depression and chronic back pain / Businesses can benefit substantially from effective improvements in therapy for employees
Effective measures for improving therapy adherence could realize productivity gains in Germany of up to €20 billion
Widespread chronic illnesses cost the German economy billions in lost productivity / Greatest losses from depression and chronic back pain / Businesses can benefit substantially from effective improvements in therapy for employees
Euro Zone: Debt Reduction Requires Cutting Spending
The countries in the euro zone that are suffering from a debt crisis need to make it their top priority to cut public spending. To prevent demand from dropping drastically as a result of cutting spending, they need to take economic measures to become more competitive ...
2012 CEPI Fellows Convene in Brussels
The Bertelsmann Foundation and the Bertelsmann Stiftung Brussels office brought together 20 staffers from the US Congress and the European Parliament (EP) for the first meeting of the 2012 class of the Congressional European Parliament Initiative (CEPI) fellows. The ...
Still Loved, Though a Little Less
European approval of US President Barack Obama is overwhelmingly high and has slipped only slightly since his election almost four years ago, according to the latest study by the Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Project. The study was presented at the ...
number of entries 476
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