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Kofi Annan announced as 2013 Reinhard Mohn Prize Winner
Former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan named winner of Bertelsmann Stiftung's Reinhard Mohn Prize for 2013. In awarding Kofi Annan the Reinhard Mohn Prize, Germany's Bertelsmann Stiftung honors his outstanding dedication and contribution to sustainable development. ...
The EU can save billions
The common policies of the EU countries have paid off. For the first time, there are evidence based calculations to prove that the transferal of policies to the EU level, and their funding through the EU, actually saves national governments money. That is the result ...
Egypt adrift
Opponents of Mohamed Morsi have achieved their goal: The former Egyptian president was removed from office by the country's military, and Adli Mansour is the new man leading the nation through its time of political transition. But what will Egypt actually look like in ...
Germans have increasingly favorable attitudes toward Poles
The image that Germans have of Poland and the Poles is increasingly positive. Three out of four people in Germany, for example, now feel comfortable with the idea of having Poles as neighbors and coworkers; a majority of Germans even say they can imagine Poles as ...
The beacons of high religiosity lie outside Europe
The largest numbers of people claiming to be "very", "fairly", or "moderately" religious are found in Turkey (82 %), Brazil (74 %), India (70 %), and the USA (67 %). The lowest numbers are found in Sweden (28 %) and Israel (31 %). Germany ranks in midfield with an ...
Obama Plays It Safe in Berlin
With his speech in Berlin, US president Barack Obama missed an opportunity to re-define and re-invigorate the partnership between the US and Germany – writes Annette Heuser, executive director of the Washington, DC-based Bertelsmann Foundation, in her analysis of ...
The US and the entire EU would significantly benefit from a transatlantic free trade agreement
The US and all EU member countries would significantly benefit from a comprehensive transatlantic trade and investment partnership (TTIP). If it is possible to largely eliminate not only tariffs but also non-tariff trade barriers, real gross domestic product per ...
Report Presents Recommendations for Better Working Opportunities for Older Workers
As Europe's population is ageing and its workforce continuously shrinking, innovative solutions have to be found in order to secure Europe's growth and innovation levels for the future. At the same time, people are living longer and are healthier and fitter, which ...
Social progress – thanks to social participation
Increasing gross domestic product alone is not an adequate measure of social progress, something that many people around the globe have come to recognize. In various countries, new metrics for measuring progress are being deployed that go beyond economic growth to ...
Change in North Africa – A Chance for Europe
"Jobs, jobs and more jobs are needed if the difficult transition in Egypt and Tunisia toward more participation, more democracy and social equity is to be helped along." That was the assessment of Bernardino Leon, the European Union's special representative for the ...
'Black-Red-Gold Card' Could Help Germany Attract More Highly Skilled Workers
Despite the record number of immigrants coming to Germany, the Bertelsmann Stiftung is calling for a strategic realignment of the country's policy on immigration. "Germany will need more qualified immigrants than ever before," said Jörg Dräger, member of the ...
Managers: less expectation of job security and fair compensation
Despite strong economic demand, fewer managers in Germany feel that the jobs in their company are secure and that performance is being appropriately compensated. According to the twice-yearly survey carried out by research institute FKI on behalf of the Bertelsmann ...
Bertelsmann Stiftung: Germany profits from the Euro
Germany profits considerably from the Euro, as a current model calculation of Prognos AG shows that was drawn up on the order of the Bertelsmann Stiftung. "Germany's membership in the currency union reduces costs for international trade and protects it from strong ...
Brussels Think Tank Dialogue 2013: EU future debate requires clear targets
The foreseeable change in the European Treaties provides think tanks with the opportunity to actively shape the future of the European Union. During the opening of the Brussels Think Tank Dialogue 2013, the Chairman of the Bertelsmann Stiftung, Aart De Geus, ...
Looking Beyond the Political Gridlock in Washington and Economic Woe in Europe
The US economy is back to form, but domestic political gridlock, volatile job numbers and shaky financial markets threaten to unravel the recent success story. On the other side of the Atlantic, the eurozone has overcome its existential crisis, but the path to future ...
Tempered Optimism Greets TTIP
A survey of 120 stakeholders in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations reveals that 88 percent believe the US and the European Union (EU) will come to an agreement on expanding their economic ties. But the overwhelming optimism is ...
(Non-) Profiting From Better Sovereign Ratings
Credit rating agencies (CRAs) have joined the ranks of the scapegoats for the recent fiscal crises in Europe and the United States. Politicians and general publics on both sides of the Atlantic show increasing intolerance of these financial players. At the center of ...
Germany's image in Spain continues to be mainly positive in spite of the economic and financial crisis
In contrast to public perception, the Spaniards' view of Germany has hardly suffered. A current survey performed by the opinion research institutes EMNID in the Federal Republic and METROSCOPIA in Spain on the order of the Bertelsmann Stiftung also suggests that young ...
Is it time for a financial-politics upgrade?
Is it time for a financial-politics upgrade? This will be the motto of the traditional spring conference of the Bertelsmann Foundation in Washington on Thursday, 18 April, from 2:30 to 10:15 PM. High-ranking representatives from politics, economy, the media and ...
The world's industrial nations are on course to increase the severity of the intergenerational conflict
Most OECD states maintain their wealth and prosperity at the expense of their children and succeeding generations. They are thus endangering not only their own future but are also acting unfairly towards their own descendants. Those are just some of the findings from ...
NEUE STIMMEN 2013: 1,428 applications from around the globe
A total of 1,428 up-and-coming opera singers have applied to participate in the Bertelsmann Stiftung's 15th NEUE STIMMEN International Singing Competition. Held across the globe, the preliminary round auditions will begin on April 21 in Melbourne, followed by ...
Corruption slows growth in Europe
EU member states must make a vigorous effort to fight corruption if they want to find a way out of the current crisis. That is one of the findings of a study conducted by the Berlin-based Hertie School of Governance. The study was presented to the European Parliament ...
BRIC By BRIC: Building an Alternative to Bretton Woods Development
In the wake of the 5th BRICS summit in South Africa, World Bank President Jim Young Kim apparently tried to reaffirm his institution's relevance in a speech at Georgetown University. The reason: The World Bank faces mounting competition from the BRICS countries. ...
Bertelsman Stiftung event focuses on self- and co-regulation
How can public-private collaboration at the sector level address societal problems? What are the success factors of such initiatives? What are their strengths and limitations compared to traditional governance approaches?
ADHD is not just a childhood disorder
The problems that typically accompany attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) do not automatically disappear when children reach adulthood, but can continue to have a considerable impact during the early adult years. That is just one of the findings from a ...
number of entries 521
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