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Germany's Economic and Social Situation


Ranking Germany as a business site: Increasing economic integration on a global scale, European political consolidation, demographic shifts and financial crises in the national budget and in the social welfare system are the main challenges Germany faces in trying to maintain its attractiveness as a business location and provider of social services. The ability of economic and social institutions to perform and adapt will largely determine Germany's ability to return to low levels of unemployment numbers and steady growth. To prepare its economic system and institutions for new challenges, the country needs a social, economic and political model that provides consistent guidelines for reforms and helps citizens be open to and ready for change.

Focus Areas


Comparison renders a location’s strengths and weaknesses as an economic and social site visible—this holds true for individual states within Germany as well as in international comparison among OECD nations. Aggregated rankings deliver the positions at a glance, while in-depth benchmarking analyses provide a detailed view of shortcomings and reveal starting points for economic and social policy. Looking beyond the garden gate also reveals tried and true practices and current reform efforts in other countries that can point the way in the reform debate here at home.


A Viable Long-Term Model for Economic and Social Policy

The political reform debate is meeting with a willingness to change across a broad swath of the population. The long-term direction of reform policy is wide open and hotly debated. This lack of direction is compounded by a growing unease among the population about the future of the social welfare state and general economic development. Against this backdrop, what kind of viable long-term model for economic and social policy could offer Germany a hopeful outlook?


Social Partnership

In Germany, labor and management greatly influence industry and business. The extensive transformation that is taking place in this sphere requires labor and management to change course in order to meet ongoing challenges. The Bertelsmann Stiftung aims to provide methodological help for labor and management during their transformative process. Our core projects involve objectifying the discussion and moderating to reduce conflict.


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