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The future of Employment

Learning for Life

Learning for Life

With its Learning for Life program, the Bertelsmann Stiftung wants to ensure that young people are integrated into the job market as early as possible in their educational careers -- and more successfully than has been the case up until now. It also wants to see to it that mature employees extend their professional lives into their later years by helping them remain productive, healthy, well-qualified members of the workforce. To achieve these outcomes, it is necessary to improve each individual’s employability by providing him or her with optimal educational and career-training opportunities. The program focuses on improving the employability of academically weaker students and promoting their integration in the workforce, since these students are increasingly the ones having difficulty making a smooth transition from school to work. To ensure that as many young people as possible participate in high-quality vocational training programs and emerge with a high level of professional qualification as a result, the Bertelsmann Stiftung advocates modernizing Germany’s twin-track (academic/vocational) educational system. Similarly, it is working to build a culture of lifelong learning and professional training by benchmarking local educational requirements and conditions throughout Europe, thereby allowing regional actors to improve their own activities by comparing them to those of their peers. Through its Learning for Life program, the Bertelsmann Stiftung hopes to provide individuals with the key to increasing their economic and social participation by helping them enter the world of work and other social processes of value creation.

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