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International Reform Monitor: Social policy, labor market policy, industrial relations

The Project

Many old-style approaches in social policies no longer meet today's requirements. Willingness to implement change, however, is based on the conviction that something can be improved. This requires positive role models, which can be drawn from international experience. But it is often years before the political debate takes on experience gained in other countries, even though this could be instructive and pro-vide impetus for change.

The International Reform Monitor, a project of the Bertelsmann Foundation, intends to identify promising systems and above all, innovative ideas for reform as early as possible in order to provide valuable input for social and political debate. The keystone of this project is a network of international partners comprising experts on social and labour market policy as well as industrial relations from renowned inter-national research institutes and advisory bodies. This network, which is co-ordinated by the Swiss Prognos AG, gives up-to-date access to local expertise and makes possible an efficient and topical international research into promising models for reform.

Every six months a semi-standardized survey is launched among the network partners. It aims at identifying interesting reforms in the fields of social and labour market policy as well as industrial relations which were either recently accomplished, are presently on-going or are scheduled for implementation. The findings are subsequently presented in a brochure (The "International Reform Monitor"), every six months, which can be downloaded from this site. The original survey results can be retrieved at the "Reform"-section of this site.

Contact Person
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Project Team

Tanja Becker

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