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Demographic Change

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Demographic change has now become a major topic of public debate. Although it is largely discussed in the context of current economic and social problems, the true dislocations resulting from demographic shifts have in fact yet to take place. Conversely, before the coming shifts occur, society should take advantage of the demographic benefits that have resulted from the increased birth rates of the 1950s and 1960s. The consequences of a declining and aging population will only make themselves fully felt once the baby-boomer generation enters retirement. Currently, policymakers and other social leaders are still in confusion about how to react to the imminent developments, which means key questions have been left unanswered and potential responses largely ignored.

Focus Areas

Social Innovations

Our project works focuses not on demographic developments themselves or the possibilities to influence them, but on how to shape communal life so that German society, as it ages and shrinks, will have a viable future.


Federal and State Levels

In order to better respond to the consequences of demographic change at all levels of society and to promote the implementation of proposed strategies, we have committed ourselves to establishing a demographic network that brings together both state and federal actors. Our cross-state seminars are just one network-related tool. Moderated by the Bertelsmann Stiftung, the seminars serve as a platform for dialogue and exchange among administrators and experts throughout Germany.


Related Projects

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