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International Politics

Member of the European Parliament in Brussels.

As the challenges of global development increasingly transcend national borders, the ability to achieve international understanding in the business, political and social arenas is becoming more important. The Bertelsmann Stiftung is helping shape the strategies that will guide development as the world grows ever more interdependent.

Focus Areas

Shaping a Globalized World

The forces of globalization are driving change worldwide. Economic globalization, modern communication technology and growing mobility are creating an increasingly interconnected world characterized by growing interdependence and new forms of cooperation that transcend national and cultural borders. At the same time, challenges in areas such as climate change, terrorism, energy insecurity and social inequalities – as well as global financial turmoil – undermine stability, peace and global development. This shows that the current system of global governance is not sufficiently prepared to deal with such challenges.


Transformation Index

A country's political management and the progress it is making towards becoming a functioning democracy with a market economy can both be measured and compared to the progress of other countries around the globe. The Transformation Index (BTI) is an international ranking of 128 developing and transition countries. Tracking the successes and failures of transformation efforts, the BTI permits a focused comparison of the status of a country's democratic and market-economy structures, as well as the efficacy of its reform strategies.


Jewish Community

The goal of the projects the Bertelsmann Stiftung carries out in the area of international understanding is to develop constructive strategies and mechanisms for conflict resolution. In projects that focus on dialogue with Jewish communities worldwide and on improving relations in the triad of Germany, Israel and Europe, the foundation works to promote democracy, tolerance and human rights, to defend freedom of speech and diversity of media expression, and to support Jewish institutions and initiatives all around the world.


Middle East

The strategic importance of the Middle East requires comprehensive and in-depth policymaking. Germany is pursuing various interests in this region within the framework of the European Union. In order to face the challenges of migration and fundamentalism, the political, economic and social reform processes of the EU’s southern neighbors must be supported.


Sustainable Governance Indicators (SGI)

With the Sustainable Governance Indicators (SGI), the Bertelsmann Stiftung wants to identify and compare the need for reform in OECD member states – the world's industrialized free-market democracies – as well as their ability to take action. The project's goal is to create a comprehensive data pool on government activity in OECD states. At the same time, its international comparisons are meant to serve as evidence-based input for national debates on reform.


Related Projects

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Transformation Index BTI 2012

Transformation Index BTI 2012

Sustainable Governance Indicators 2011

Sustainable Governance Indicators 2011

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