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Europe and the World


Chances and Challenges for the European Union

On an international level, the European Union’s member states face a whole host of new risks. Moreover, the rise of new global powers -- China and India, above all -- is making the international environment much more competitive, thus offering both new opportunities and increased potential for conflict. Many of today’s developments are not only forcing Europe to redouble its efforts in the economic sphere, they are also putting pressure on its political and social structures.

The EU’s biggest challenge is ensuring that the new global order is both stable and just. The EU itself can be seen as a model of successful multilateralism, one that promotes interdependence, solidarity and inclusiveness in order to create a social order that is economically successful and politically stable, not to mention supportive of human and civil rights. Yet the question remains: How can the EU use its global influence to ensure that effective multilateral structures are put into place elsewhere around the world?

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