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Berlin, 18/12/2007

Religion Monitor

The Religion Monitor is one of the most advanced instruments to examine the various dimensions of religiosity. A core element of the Religion Monitor is a quantitative representative survey of 21,000 people of all major faiths that was conducted around the world. Containing almost 100 questions, the Monitor is a survey of six core dimensions of religiosity in particular: interest in religious matters, belief in God or something divine, public and private religious practices, religious experiences and the relevance of religion to everyday-life. The results of the question modules are consolidated in an index comprising the classifications "highly-religious", "religious" and "non-religious". The classification of the centrality of religion to people's lives helps draw important conclusions about the degree of religiosity within the compared societies, and hence deductions can be made about the ramifications on social dynamics. With the Religion Monitor project, the Bertelsmann Stiftung hopes to contribute to broadening the knowledge about the different faiths and to offer incentives for future dialogue between religions.

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