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Helpful tips and tricks for using the Bertelsmann Stiftung’s website

Browser compatibility and screen resolution
Changing font size
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Download help for PDF documents
Searching the site
Printing documents
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Browser compatibility and screen resolution
These web pages are optimized for Netscape Navigator (version 7.X and higher), Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.X, and Mozilla Firefox 1.X (or higher) with a resolution of 1024x768 pixels. Content may be viewed with other browsers, but viewing will not be optimized.
JavaScript is not necessary.

With older browser versions, fonts and styles may be displayed incorrectly. In particular, Netscape Navigator version 4.x does not support Cascading Style Sheets. Netscape 4.x users will see only a text version of the site.

You can download the current version from the Internet at:

MS Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox



This  site was created in accordance with the guidelines of BITV-IT Accessibility Act (Verordnung zur Schaffung barrierefreier Informationstechnik) in compliance with the German Equality for Disabled Persons Act (Behindertengleichstellungsgesetz).

Changing font size
You can configure the font size in your browser.
In Internet Explorer, click View, Text Size, and choose the desired font size. In Mozilla Firefox, go to View, Text Size. There you can choose to increase or decrease the font size. In Netscape, click View, Text Zoom, and select the desired font size.

Skip navigation
If you use a screen reader, you can skip the navigation bar via an invisible link in the page heading above the main navigation. This will jump directly to the page’s content area. This is similar to access key = 2: Go directly to the site’s content area

The website uses few cookies. However, cookies must be activated in your browser if you want to use the shopping cart for online orders.

Every time you access the shopping cart, a cookie is stored on your computer. You must set your browser to accept cookies. The data is stored temporarily and is not passed on to other servers.

To accept cookies:

Internet Explorer (5.x):
Tools/Internet Options/Security/Custom level/ enable

Internet Explorer (6.x):
Tools/Internet Options/Privacy/Slide the bar to Medium

Netscape (6.x/7.1):
Edit/Preferences/Advanced/Accept all cookies

Netscape (7.x):
Edit/Preferences/Privacy & Security/Cookies/Enable all Cookies

Mozilla Firefox (1.x)
Tools/Options/Privacy/Allow sites to accept cookies

Download help for PDF documents
Adobe Reader is a free and freely distributable program that allows you to view and print PDF files on all major platforms. If you do not have it on your computer yet, you can download Adobe Reader here for free.

How do I download a PDF file?
If Acrobat Reader is installed on your computer, you can view the PDF documents directly in your browser by clicking on the icon.

If your Internet browser does not support the software or you want to store the document on your hard drive, right click on Download (Windows) or hold down the button (Macintosh) and choose Save target/link as.... Type in the drive and the folder on your computer where you want to store the file.

Searching the site
The Bertelsmann Stiftung website includes a comprehensive search function covering the whole site. You can search the site for any term.
The search box is at the top of the page (part of the navigation bar).

When you enter a search term in the full text search at the top of the page, the entire website is searched automatically. If you want to refine a search, click the Advanced Search link to the left of the search box at the top of the page. Advanced search includes a link to search tips, where options for an advanced search are explained.

There are also search forms at the top of the overview pages for news, publications, projects and downloads, which can be used to conduct a search within that section. A list box allows you to limit your search to certain subject areas.

In contrast to searches conducted at the top of the page, words entered here are automatically linked with “or,” so that the hit list includes all documents that contain at least one of the words entered.

Printing documents
Documents can be printed without navigation and heading information. Choose the Print link directly under the banner on the right. This allows you to conveniently print out a text in full page format. Select the print view and use your browser’s print function.

Sending documents
You can send pages to an e-mail recipient using the Send link on the right directly under the banner. Enter the required information in the window that opens.

List of experts
People working at the Bertelsmann Stiftung standing in front of the foundation.

Are you looking for experts on a specific subject?

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