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Conference on “Globalization -- Corporate Culture -- Corporate Success”

Regardless of which nation they are based in or which industry they serve, business managers everywhere must face a number of challenges resulting from globalization. These include decisions on where to locate production facilities, how to set up flexible cooperative partnerships, the competitive pressures emanating from Asia and the increasing cultural diversity among employees. If they are to survive over the long term, companies must come to terms both at home and abroad with staff, structures and social norms that all originate in multiple cultures.

Those are the issues addressed in the Corporate Cultures in Global Interaction project, whose long-term objectives include promoting intercultural cooperation in order to increase the global business community’s economic effectiveness and social impact.

The “Globalization -- Corporate Culture -- Corporate Success” conference brought together academic specialists and practitioners, allowing them to discuss at length the project’s findings as well as future trends. In addition to remarks by leading experts and presentations on current change strategies, a lively exchange ensued as participants described their own personal experiences and the outcomes they feel international and intercultural management could and should bring. Other topics discussed at the event include corporate governance, international partnerships, German-Chinese cooperation and diversity management.

Here you will find the conference’s key findings, including presentations, both in print form and as podcasts. The audio recordings also include follow-up discussions. In addition, our photo galleries provide a visual impression of the event’s lively debates and personal interactions. Those wanting additional information can access our background studies which contain a detailed analysis of individual topics.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments!

Simone Lippisch     Petra Köppel


Photo Gallery


Take a look at the speakers, participants and venue.


Participants' statements


Appreciating diversity means appreciating in a holistic way the natural differences that human beings have, differences that enrich the business community and society at large in addition to our own individual lives. The political, business and academic arenas can all benefit from an appreciation of diversity...

Globalization and Culture
As part of modern organizational structures that now emphasize greater integration of global activities, successful intercultural communication and collaboration is becoming a key factor for corporate success. In my opinion, however, many people still understand the notion of “culture” in a way that is too restrictive and limited...

Corporate Culture as Success Factor
That an organization’s corporate culture can contribute to its overall success has been known for quite some time. Yet many businesses continue to fail spectacularly, simply because they underestimate or even ignore the interplay of corporate culture and corporate success...

Diversity Management
The diversity of human beings enriches us; people like the company of others with similar backgrounds. These two observations are at odds with each other, and the latter sentiment can often be observed in the business community, expressed in the question: “Who fits in our team?”...

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