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Project log: Prevention and Risk Management in Primary Care

Prevention and Risk Management in Primary Care


Improving Cardiovascular Prevention and Risk Management in European Primary Care ( 570 Kb)
Project Report for the conference on 18 - 19 June in Berlin
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Improving Quality and Transparency in Health Care: Background and overview ( 1703 Kb)
Background and overview
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Prevention of cardiovascular diseases: The role of primary care in Europe: First results ( 2272 Kb)
First results
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Invitational Conference in Berlin, 18 - 19 June 2009
Agenda ( 683 Kb)
Invitational Conference in Berlin, 18 - 19 June 2009
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Präsentation Dr. Ain Aaviksoo ( 2969 Kb)
Form follows function – new approaches for structure and organisation of primary care
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Präsentation Dr. Carlos Brotons ( 3758 Kb)
Implementation of cardiovascular prevention and risk management in primary care - overview hindering and facilitating factors
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Präsentation Dr. Michel Wensing ( 7396 Kb)
International EPA Cardio study
graphic: download
Präsentation Dr. Stephen Campbell ( 971 Kb)
EPA-Cardio indicators, assessment and feedback instruments
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Präsentation Dr. Trudy van der Weijden ( 788 Kb)
Recommendations for risk assessment and risk communication
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Präsentation Michael Hübel ( 902 Kb)
Cardiovascular diseases: A European Commission Perspective
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Präsentation Prof. Bonnie Sibbald ( 271 Kb)
New Primary Care Teams
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Präsentation Prof. Glyn Elwyn ( 4003 Kb)
'New' patients: What do (should) new patients want?
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Präsentation Prof. Joachim Szecsenyi ( 2611 Kb)
Implementation and evaluation of disease management in Germany
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Präsentation Prof. Martin Roland ( 2830 Kb)
Improving cardio-vascular care: Does money make the world go round?
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Präsentation Prof. Martin Roland – Sound track ( 40257 Kb)
Speech Martin Roland
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Präsentation Prof. Niek Klazinga ( 1325 Kb)
Transparency and assessment: implementation of systems for health care quality
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Präsentation Prof. Richard Grol ( 587 Kb)
Setting the scene
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