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Unemployment woes, the crisis of the welfare state and Germany's inability to compete effectively attest to the stagnation of the country's economic system and social order. To get out of this rut, we need to work to demolish the roadblocks that hamper ideas and action so people can change and bring about the desired effects. This is the only way fundamental political and economic reforms can be instituted.

Focus Areas

Germany's Economic and Social Situation

The prosperity of a national economy is largely determined by economic growth and employment. But how can we successfully promote employment? Which factors are conducive to supporting economic development? And: how successful is Germany as a business site at battling unemployment and generating economic growth? The Bertelsmann Stiftung’s Site Check answers these questions.


Learning for Life

In today’s knowledge-based, market-driven, service-oriented society, workers have to engage in continuing education and lifelong learning if they want to remain employable and thus active members of the workforce. That's why we want to ensure that young people are integrated into the job market as early as possible in their educational careers and that mature employees remain healthy and can extend their professional lives into later life.


Corporate Culture

Leadership in society and business is increasingly more demanding and complex. The major sociopolitical challenge of today is to secure continuity and sustainable growth, especially within individual businesses.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

With its Corporate Social Responsibility project, the Bertelsmann Stiftung continues the longstanding social and entrepreneurial commitment of its founder, Reinhard Mohn. The project’s main objective is to encourage businesses to address their corporate social responsibilities.


Demographic Change

Demographic change is the central challenge facing Germany and our society. The issue of demographic change is increasingly shaping the character of our political and social debate, since the future of our society depends on successfully meeting this challenge. Many decision makers have not yet realized that far more is at stake than securing our social systems.


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