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Menschen laufen vor Fahnen hin und her.

The Brussels Office of the Bertelsmann Stiftung

The Brussels office of the Bertelsmann Stiftung, one of Europe’s largest private foundations, was established in 2000. The office is located in the heart of the EU district and close to the European institutions.

As a think tank in Europe’s capital, we contribute to the development of an integrated Europe that is built on the values of freedom, humanity and solidarity. The focus of our work is to advance Europe’s potential as a global player in foreign, security, economic and social policy. We analyze worldwide policy approaches and apply lessons learned from them to help Europe realize its vision of a "Union of Member States and Citizens".

The Bertelsmann Stiftung’s Brussels office promotes transnational debate about future challenges facing Europe and its citizens. We provide European institutions, stakeholders, think tanks and media with key findings of our project work. Our work is based on the early detection of upcoming international developments that impact Europe and influence the Stiftung's worldwide agenda.

Project Description


EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy during his speech at the conference in Brussels. Brussels - 12/08/2014

What strategic options are there for Europe? Discussion with EU Council President Van Rompuy

How can the European Union best respond to future challenges? What sort of institutional developments are possible and meaningful? What kind of support do they get from EU citizens? EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy discussed this and other questions at the invitation of the "New Pact for Europe" initiative at a conference in Brussels on 1st July 2014.

Panel Discussion Gütersloh / Brüssel - 22/07/2014

European Unemployment Benefit Scheme to help absorb economic shocks?

How can the European Economic and Monetary Union be improved to help it withstand economic shocks? Can a European Unemployment Benefit Scheme help improve matters by acting as a form of 'automatic stabilizer'? These were just some of the questions debated at a conference which was held on the 20 June in Brussels.

Marine Le Pen, leader of the French party National Front, during a speech. Gütersloh - 27/05/2014

The extremists' hour

Candidates ran for the office of European Commission president, while euroskeptics and the EU's opponents dominated media reports. This year's European elections were different than all the others since 1979, when members of the European Parliament were directly elected for the first time. Joachim Fritz-Vannahme, director of the Europe's Future program at the Bertelsmann Stiftung, takes a look at what the voters had to say.

Beppe Grillo, head of Italy's populist, euroskeptic Five Star Movement giving a speech in an election rally. Gütersloh - 23/05/2014

No network among Europe's populist parties

Unlike pro-European groups, populist euroskeptic parties have not formed extensive online networks. That is one of the findings of a new Bertelsmann Stiftung study which examined the connections between 988 anti-European websites in six countries. As the study also shows, not only are the euroskeptics isolated at the European level, they remain disconnected in their national environments as well.

The panel in Brussels: Suparna Karmakar, Tom Jenkins, Ignacio Garcia Bercero, Annette Heuser and Monique Goyens. Brussels - 30/01/2014

Experts call for transparency in TTIP negotiations

The negotiations on the transatlantic free trade agreement TTIP need to be transparent and include stakeholders. This was confirmed by the participants of a panel debate that was organised by Bertelsmann Stiftung's Brussels office.


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Office of the Bertelsmann Stiftung
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Tel.: +32 2 280 2830
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Twitter: @BStBrussels

Speech by Aart De Geus on TTIP negotiations (2014)

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A European Unemployment Benefit Scheme

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