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Systematic School-to-Work Transitions

Too many detours on the way to vocational education
Good vocational training opens the doors to qualified employment for young people. Sadly, not everyone in Germany makes the transition from school to vocational training. More than 300,000 young adults currently participate in a measure within what is known as the transition-system between school and vocational training. Most of them spend considerable time before they secure a position in a proper training program, and many others fall through the cracks of the system. The transition-system includes courses intended to provide young people with job application training, a review of subjects learned in schools, or their first practical, on-the-job experience. However, these programs lack the prospect of vocational certification, thereby failing to motivate the young people participating in them.

The goal: Vocational training for everyone
The Systematic School-to-Work Transitions initiative is committed to offering all young adults in Germany who desire vocational training the opportunity to earn a recognized certificate without delays, in one of two ways:

Route 1: In the future, young adults who are ready for vocational training but who have not found a position should no longer waste valuable time participating in temporary programs that offer no prospect of recognized certification. Instead, they should start training directly – where possible, within Germany’s established dual (school/training) system. If this is not feasible, training should then take place in non-business or full-time school settings.

Route 2: For young adults not yet ready for training, individual approaches should be employed to prepare them for entry into a suitable apprenticeship program. Once they are ready, young adults should receive a binding offer to enter a program designed to provide a recognized certificate or degree.

In order to make this goal a reality, the Systematic School-to-Work Transitions initiative developed a conceptual framework for reforms. -> The conceptual framework

Systematic School-to-Work Transitions is an initiative established by the Bertelsmann Stiftung in partnership with 16 ministries from nine German federal states and the German Federal Employment Agency. The initiative was not set up to develop further measures for the transition between school and work and thereby add to the confusion of programs that has been so widely criticized. Instead, the aim is to draw on the various experiences of all stakeholders in defining a common goal and to put this into practice. ->List of those involved

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