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spotlight europe: Our monthly analysis of current European issues


spotlight europe 2011/03: The Arab World Poised between Revolution and Repression

The Arab Spring must not be allowed to run out of steam. The sheer staying power of the old regimes and important social issues are threatening to slow down or even to stifle the revolutions, rebellions and nascent reforms. It is time that Europe flexed its political muscles.


spotlight europe 2011/02: Who's next? The Eurozone in an Insolvency Trap

There is going to be a brand new euro, at least from 2013 onwards, and people are talking about the Grand Design of a new European Economic Governance. But after the collapse of Portugal one is led to ask whether the eurozone can actually make it to safety. And what happens when it gets there? At any rate, the danger of new crises is greater than it has ever been. The fact of the matter is that the euro is in an insolvency trap.


spotlight europe 2011/01: How the European Union can Support Change in North Africa

Change in Tunisia and Egypt was sudden and came as a surprise. The European Union should now provide pro-active support with the help of a transformation partnership. For this purpose it should as soon as possible subject the instruments and strategies that it has used hitherto to a thorough revision. Moreover, the EU should open its market for agricultural products from North Africa and the Middle East.

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Cover: Transformation Index 2010

Transformation Index 2010

Zum vierten Mal legt die Bertelsmann Stiftung ihren Transformation Index (BTI) vor. Das globale Ranking bewertet und vergleicht Transformationsprozesse weltweit auf der Grundlage von Ländergutachten. Der BTI informiert über den Stand von Demokratie und Marktwirtschaft.

1. Auflage, 2009

Broschur, mit CD-ROM

38,00 EUR


Cover: Diplomacy, Development and Defense: A Paradigm for Policy Coherence

Diplomacy, Development and Defense: A Paradigm for Policy Coherence

The end of the Cold War radically changed both classic policies of national and collective security and international strategies for conflict management and the stabilization of precarious states. The threat of Islamic extremism and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have shattered any illusions of a peace dividend and have given strategies against state failure a new urgency.

1st edition, 2009



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