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Integration in Communities

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Whether or not immigrants are successfully integrated can be seen most clearly at the community level. Yet what strategies can local-level actors use to integrate non-native newcomers? Integrating immigrants into the community is no longer a marginal issue, but must be strategically addressed across all areas of community life. These pages provide users with regularly updated information and tools addressing this topic.

Focus Areas

Integration Workshops for Communities

The art of developing a community-wide concept to promote integration demands that local-level actors design their processes in a manner that is focused and inclusive. The Bertelsmann Stiftung’s nonprofit integration workshops offer a venue for local-level actors to come together and discover how this is done. Through the workshops, we want to provide concrete assistance allowing Germany’s communities to develop effective integration strategies.


Good Ideas in Integration – Cities of Migration

Cities of Migration ist ein internationales Netzwerk, das von der Maytree-Foundation in Kanada initiiert wurde und von der Bertelsmann Stiftung mitgetragen wird. Zwei weitere Stiftungen in Großbritannien und in Neuseeland sind an diesem Partnerprojekt beteiligt. Cities of Migration stellt positive Ansätze zur Integration von Migranten vor und unterstützt neue Ideen zur kommunalen Integrationspolitik. Neben der dreisprachigen Website in Englisch, Deutsch und Französisch, gehören ein regelmäßiger Newsletter sowie zweimonatliche „webinars“ (webgestützte Seminare) zum Angebot. Nächstes Jahr wird am 3./4. Oktober 2010 eine internationale Konferenz von Cities of Migration in Den Haag stattfinden. 

Cities of Migration
Current Facts and Figures on the Integration of Immigrants

Current Facts and Figures on the Integration of Immigrants

In our "Wegweiser Kommune" (Community Roadmap) we have published integration-related data for every city or town in Germany with 5,000 inhabitants or more. www.wegweiser-kommune.de
What proportion of a community’s residents are foreign-born? What is the situation concerning integration when it comes to jobs, culture, education and politics? Anyone interested in developing an integration policy requires data. Yet figures documenting this area of life are often incomplete, inconsistent and inaccessible. At the same time, community actors would be well served to collect standardized statistics so they can compare their findings with others. To help ensure this is the case, the Bertelsmann Stiftung has joined with the state of North Rhine-Westphalia's Ministry of Integration (MGFFI) and the GEBIT Institute in Münster to develop a basic data set on community-level integration (see downloads). We also engage in an exchange of experience on this topic with the cities and towns participating in the "innovation circle" sponsored by KGSt, Germany’s largest local government association. An opinion paper assembled by KGSt is available online.   

Internet portal: Wegweiser Kommune
Successful Integration Policy

Successful Integration Policy – Best Practices

Users can visit www.demographie-konkret.de to learn more about best practices geared toward integrating immigrants in Germany’s cities and towns. We’ve listed 27 examples from communities that participated in the competition “Successful integration is no accident. Strategies for community-level integration policies,” which was organized by the Bertelsmann Stiftung and the German Interior Ministry in 2005. We’ve also examined another 10 national and international approaches, which are also documented on the website.

Data bank: Best practices in demography

Ten Recommendations for Community-Level Integration Policy

How can a community-level integration policy be strategically developed and implemented in such a way that it addresses all relevant policy areas? We have developed 10 recommendations based on findings from the competition "Successful integration is no accident. Strategies for community-level integration policies."


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