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“Neue Stimmen”: From novel undertaking to global presence
He’s been actively involved for 20 years. Conductor Gustav Kuhn has stood on the podium at the Salzburg Festival and at Vienna’s opera house, and in 1997 he founded the Tyrolean Festival in Erl, Austria. Since 1987, moreover, he has been a member of the jury for the ...
Young people and their values are the embodiment of our greatest hopes.
On November 4, 2009, King Juan Carlos opened the Fundación Bertelsmann’s fourth Dialogue and Action congress by remembering the Fundación Bertelsmann’s late founder, Reinhard Mohn. “He was without a doubt one of the most outstanding personalities in the publishing and ...
Young opera talent in Gütersloh
The pianos have been tuned, the music stands arranged, the jury and the performers have arrived. The 12th "Neue Stimmen" International Singing Competition has begun. Following preliminary rounds held around the globe, 47 young opera singers have made it to the final ...
Young European volunteers talk about their experiences in the US Presidential Elections
On the occasion of the opening of its North American office, the Bertelsmann Foundation hosted a roundtable discussion of European young people active in the 2008 U.S. presidential campaigns. This fall's presidential election has unleashed an unprecedented amount of ...
Xi's Real Test: Delivering on Reform and Maintaining Stability in 2014
Emerging signs of economic difficulties have greatly compounded the challenges facing China's leader Xi Jinping in the year of the horse. After rolling out a surprisingly ambitious reform blueprint in November last year, the secretary general of the Chinese Communist ...
World’s youth more religious than reputed
When the Pope arrives in Sydney for World Youth Day he will be met by hundreds of thousands of cheering young people. While this is often seen by commentators as an almost inexplicable anomaly, globally teenagers and young adults are much more religious than is ...
Worldwide economic growth fails to increase prosperity for the majority of the population
Despite the continuing worldwide economic growth of the past few years, mass poverty remains the central problem in most developing countries, and the majority of people have no lasting share in this prosperity. Although the number of official democracies is growing, ...
Wolfgang Schüssel joins Bertelsmann Stiftung Board of Trustees
Former Austrian Chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel has been elected to the Bertelsmann Stiftung Board of Trustees. In his role as co-organizer of the annual Salzburg Trilogue, a cultural forum dedicated to European topics, and as a guest at numerous international ...
Without EU engagement in the MENA region we would have to build a wall through the Mediterranean
"If the EU stops its engagement in its southern neighbourhood, we will have to build a new Berlin wall through the Mediterranean," Alar Olljum, representative of the European External Action Service provocatively stated in front of 32 young leaders from selected EU ...
With too few educators at early childhood education centers, quality is often compromised
The quality of early childhood education often suffers because of a lack of personnel. Many of Germany's child care centers apply staffing formulas that fail to allow for a child-appropriate ratio of staff to children. There are also substantial differences from state ...
Whose permission do we need to be free?
When we think of democracy, those of us who live in democratic societies lay back, relaxed, with a smug smile on our faces. “Yeah, I’m cool, it’s pretty free around here”, we seem to say as we pity the unfortunate fools that had the bad luck to be born in some ...
Who will be the “new voice” – NEUE STIMME – for 2007?
Eight young opera singers are competing in the finals of the 12th NEUE STIMMEN International Singing Competition, sponsored by the Bertelsmann Stiftung. At 7 o’clock this evening they will be singing at Stadthalle Gütersloh, hoping to win first prize and the 15,000 ...
What's next for the EU and Russia?
During a lunchtime meeting, Cornelius Ochmann, senior project manager in the Bertelsmann Stiftung's Europe's Future program, presented the latest issue of the foundation's magazine "Spotlight Europe", which is dedicated to the topic "The European Union and Russia at a ...
What will Lisbon change exactly?
Just one week after Czech President Vaclav Klaus signed off on the Lisbon Treaty and its reforms, the Bertelsmann Stiftung organized a panel discussion together with the Hanns Seidel Foundation on implementing the treaty’s new provisions. Held on November 11, 2009, in ...
What to do with Iran?
The complex and unfolding situation in Iran was the occasion for a trans-Atlantic video conference on 22 June hosted by the Bertelsmann Foundation in Washington, DC and Christian-Peter Hanelt, Bertelsmann Stiftung Senior Expert on the Middle East, in Berlin. ...
What ties Europe and America together? - Third Transatlantic Conference Tremezzo
The lease on that which once could be taken for granted in European-US relations has run out. While the deep-running crisis of confidence in politics on both sides of the Atlantic continues, economic interdependence increases. The third “Transatlantic Conference ...
What strategic options are there for Europe? Discussion with EU Council President Van Rompuy
How can the European Union best respond to future challenges? What sort of institutional developments are possible and meaningful? What kind of support do they get from EU citizens? EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy discussed this and other questions at the ...
What is next for European-Russian relations?
A few days after the EU-Russia summit in Samara, representatives from the Bertelsmann Stiftung, the Center for Applied Policy Research (CAP) and the German Foreign Ministry met in Moscow with a number of Russia’s Europe experts to discuss possible options for future ...
Westerwelle Calls for More Engagement With the Arab World
Germany and the EU should support change in the Arab world through projects that offer the region clear prospects for social and economic change. That was the message delivered at a conference organized by the Bertelsmann Stiftung in Rabat, Morocco. “We expect the ...
Werner Weidenfeld resigns from Bertelsmann Stiftung Board
Professor Werner Weidenfeld will step down from the Bertelsmann Stiftung executive board with effect from Nov 30, 2007. In his more than 20 years with the foundation, Professor Weidenfeld has made important contributions to the Bertelsmann Stiftung's success. The ...
We're already thinking about what comes after the crisis
The Bertelsmann Stiftung is modeling scenarios for life in post-crisis Germany / Karin Schlautmann interviews Bertelsmann Stiftung CEO Dr.Gunter Thielen
We need a new kind of school system!
The current situation: The German educational system is not delivering on its promises!
Wanted: School projects highlighting integration and equality
The starting gun has sounded for the second “Alle Kids sind VIPs” (Fairness Through Integration) competition as, once again, the Bertelsmann Stiftung calls on students in Germany between the ages of 10 and 17 to submit ideas on how to promote integration at school. ...
Wanted: Progress Toward a Peaceful Neighborhood
The meeting that took place in 1995 was an ambitious one: At the invitation of the Bertelsmann Stiftung, parties to the Middle East's various conflicts sat down together to map out a peaceful future for the region and to develop a strategy for creating a ...
Wanted: Next-generation leaders from immigrant organizations
Under the title Strengthening Integration Networks, the Bertelsmann Stiftung has launched a qualification program for next-generation business leaders from immigrant organizations. Leaders eligible for membership are those 35 years of age or younger who are active at ...
number of entries 523
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