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Evidence-Based Policy Strategies

Informed decision making

When it comes to topics and trends in the areas of policymaking and social change, the Bertelsmann Stiftung systematically observes what is happening in other countries around the world. Working together with experts, institutions and other relevant actors, the foundation uses comparative analyses to develop concrete, issue-specific policymaking strategies in the areas of economics, employment, governance, social welfare and healthcare.

The goal of these efforts is to promote a culture of learning among policymakers as they address the challenges we face in today’s globalized world. To achieve this goal, we use international comparative studies, policy-specific monitoring tools and in-depth analyses of social, political and economic developments in order to assess the performance of a country’s economic and social institutions and to bring more transparency to the outcomes achieved by its political leadership.

In collaboration with an international network of experts and think tanks, we identify benchmarks and good practices in both national and international contexts. In order to promote good governance, strengthen democratic institutions and increase levels of social participation, we not only identify problem areas, we develop concrete, goal-oriented strategies and solutions.


Sustainable Governance in the OECD

The newly released 2009 Sustainable Governance Indicators make it possible to compare how capable the OECD member states are of addressing current and coming challenges. By supplying cross-border, evidence-based, comparative data, the SGI index is designed to promote and enrich public discourse on reform in the world’s developed, market-oriented democracies.

Development and Transformation Strategies
Every two years, the Transformation Index of the Bertelsmann Stiftung (BTI) assesses the economic development and governance outcomes as well as the quality of the political systems in 128 developing and newly industrialized countries. The BTI is designed to identify strategies that are effective in promoting good governance and improving the quality of democracy.

Benchmarking Germany
This Bertelsmann Stiftung project compares both OECD member nations and Germany’s 16 individual states in terms of their employment, economic, policymaking and social affairs outcomes. The goal is to provide a detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the programs in these areas in order to identify effective policymaking approaches so they can be introduced into Germany’s ongoing debate on reform.

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