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Health Checkups for Managers (Gesundheits-Check-Up für Führungskräfte)

This project’s mandate is to develop and test a model health checkup. The project’s goals include

- making businesses, human resources managers and executives aware of and sensitive to the need for regular health checkups;
- developing meaningful personalized recommendations for optimizing follow-up support and care;
- illustrating the correlation between compromised health and productivity and performance;
- supporting the implementation of prevention programs as part of workplace wellness programs;
- identifying success and application criteria to increase employee acceptance of checkups;
- analyzing characteristic disease and treatment patterns as a benchmark for prevention and examination methodology;
- developing uniform terminology and a definition for minimum standards for an executive checkup

Project start date: June, 1, 2001

Project Description

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Headshot of Detlef Hollmann Detlef Hollmann
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Bertelsmann AG

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