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Companies can contribute to society’s development in a number of ways. Above all, they can carry out their core business activities in a manner that is socially responsible and ecologically aware: by ensuring proper working conditions are in place, even at supplier firms, by seeing to it that natural resources are used optimally, by avoiding activities that damage the environment and by implementing fair business practices, to give just a few examples. They can also serve as "model citizens" by proactively shaping the communities they operate in and, as result, promoting social cohesion. With its three focus areas, our Corporate Social Responsibility program is designed to increase awareness in the political, business and social arenas of CSR and of its potential for promoting sustainable development.



Gütersloh - 07/04/2013

Bertelsman Stiftung event focuses on self- and co-regulation

How can public-private collaboration at the sector level address societal problems? What are the success factors of such initiatives? What are their strengths and limitations compared to traditional governance approaches?


Program News

Fostering Corporate Responsibility through Self- and Co-regulation

With a new Publication, the Bertelsmann Stiftung focuses on how public-private collaboration at the sector level can address societal and environmental problems.


Corporate Responsibility in Europe

The new Book focuses on a sector-specific approach to CR in eight European countries, as an appropriate governance mechanism to address sustainability challenges through public-private collaboration.


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