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Shaping a Globalized World

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The forces of globalization are driving change worldwide. Economic globalization, modern communication technology and growing mobility are creating an increasingly interconnected world characterized by growing interdependence and new forms of cooperation that transcend national and cultural borders. At the same time, challenges in areas such as climate change, terrorism, energy insecurity and social inequalities – as well as global financial turmoil – undermine stability, peace and global development. This shows that the current system of global governance is not sufficiently prepared to deal with such challenges.

Against this background, the project Shaping a Globalized World seeks to develop ideas and suggestions on how globalization can be managed politically and to incorporate those ideas and suggestions into an international debate. The project is meant to be a pathfinder and an advisor to policymakers and the public. Its purpose is to spur participants to think more deeply about the political agenda of a globalized world, about strategies for action and modes of governance.

Much of the debate on globalization and global governance up to now has been defined in primarily Western terms. The Bertelsmann Stiftung is convinced that this imbalance must change. We cannot manage the new challenges of a globalized world without integrating the perspectives of emerging powers in Asia, Latin America and Africa.

To this end, Shaping a Globalized World attempts to examine global-governance issues inclusively and equitably. The project aims to do this by gathering minds, experiences and viewpoints from people, governments and non-state actors from various centers of the globalized world. Participants will reflect the diversity of societal actors; they will consult, be consulted and cooperate on the project. They will develop options for political action on global-governance issues and make them available to the general public. By generating ideas and outlining opportunities for political actors and the public, it hopes to contribute to the discussion on creating a fairer and more just globalized world.

The project combines the Bertelsmann Stiftung's in-house expertise and wide-ranging program experience with appropriate resources, initiatives and programs of other internationally active institutions, think tanks and foundations. The project is coordinated by an international project team based in Gütersloh (Germany) and Washington, D.C. (USA).

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