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Kinder.Stiften.Zukunft. (Children.Give.Future.)

Children are our future. They choose the path that society will take. The path's direction, however, is largely determined by the opportunities that we make available to our young people today. Kinder.Stiften.Zukunft (Children.Action.Future) is a proven approach that is easy to implement in a variety of frameworks. Each community is home to numerous individuals and organizations interested in supporting children and their families by contributing time, money or ideas, or by making contact with other like-minded people. The goal of the Kinder.Stiften.Zukunft project is to network these donors, thereby helping them achieve their goals. 

The project therefore brings organizations and initiatives dedicated to youth work together with willing sponsors, so that young people can benefit from their efforts to an even greater degree. We strive to build better lives for today's youngsters, sending a powerful message that “Children are important to us!"

Project Description


Frankfurt's skyline

Founders' Day in Frankfurt am Main

Kinder.Stiften.Zukunft. (Children.Give.Future) will be participating at Germany's Stiftertag (Founders' Day) event in Frankfurt on May 5 and 6, 2010. Please come for a visit, we'd be glad to meet you!

Printed page with the project name Kinder.Stiften.Zukunft

Transferring the project Kinder.Stiften.Zukunft.

Kinder.Stiften.Zukunft. (Children.Give.Future) lives! A number of communities and sponsors have expressed interest in partnering with us to transfer the project. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions or need additional information or documents.

Hand with pen filling out a questionnaire.


The second evaluation focusing on the issues of collaboration and networking was carried out four months after the congress. Up until that point 70 organizations had found new partnerships.

Many thanks for your active support!

More information is available under "Evaluation," where the questionnaire can be downloaded.

Doing “good business” in Nuremberg

The First Marketplace for Nonprofit Organizations and Companies in Nuremberg on April 9, 2008, was a great success.  Approximately 60 agreements worth a total of EUR 60,000 were concluded at the marketplace. The objective was to institute a new form of mutual support among companies and social institutions that does not involve money.
The concept of doing “good business” will be adapted to the Kinder.Stiften.Zukunft. conference.

Children.Give.Future -- An approach suitable for a variety of contexts

Dr. Brigitte Mohn and Alexander Brochier

Three partners devoted to promoting better lives for young people – the Alexander Brochier Foundation, the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region and Bertelsmann Stiftung – have joined together as organizers of the Kinder.Stiften.Zukunft. conference from December 4 to 6, 2008, in Nuremberg.



Herr Dr. Maly

Dr. Ulrich Maly, Lord Mayor of the city of Nuremberg:

“Dialog and cooperation are crucial to ensuring the sustainability of our society. Only by working together can we accomplish great things. This is precisely what the Kinder.Stiften.Zukunft. conference seeks to do, bringing together stakeholders in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region active in the field of education and healthcare for children. I hope that it will prove an important source of inspiration for the entire metropolitan region.”

Elena Janke, Eva Luise Köhler

Participant in Kinder.Stiften.Zukunft 2008

“Our association, little ART, helps children and adolescents around the world express themselves creatively so that they can learn more about themselves and others through their engagement with art,” says Elena Janker, little ART’s director. “When a small nonprofit organization like ours gets the chance to participate in a major event like the Kinder.Stiften.Zukunft forum in Munich, it puts us in a position to meet like-minded individuals, expand our networks and enter into new partnerships so we can meet our goals even more effectively. I’m therefore very grateful to Brigitte Mohn and the Bertelsmann Stiftung for enabling little ART to be part of the 2008 forum in Munich. It’s time we use our creativity to find new ways of bringing people together and for ensuring our children’s future!” 

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Project Team

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