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Family and Work

Balancing professional and private life

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"Family policy is the wave of the future. In light of demographic change and the lack of skilled labor, family-friendliness is a key factor for ensuring Germany’s viability over the long term."

Despite the current economic crisis, many people in Germany are very much concerned about reconciling the demands of their private life, such as the need for family time, with those stemming from their professional careers.

In light of ongoing demographic change and the shortage of skilled workers, the business community must also address the topic of family-friendliness if it wants to remain competitive over the long term. Yet workplace requirements do not always match up with what employees want and need. Expectations of both individuals and businesses must be brought into alignment as a result. The Bertelsmann Stiftung is therefore supporting companies and other actors in the business community to develop solutions that promote work/life balance and then embed them in corporate culture. For that to happen, not only must employees be willing to take the initiative when it comes to creating innovative solutions that address both private and professional needs; new approaches to family-friendly infrastructures must also be developed at the regional and local level.

Project partners include Germany’s Ministry for Families, Seniors, Women and Youth, and the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region.

The project is also supported by the Expert Commission on the Family, which is chaired by Liz Mohn, vice-chair of the Bertelsmann Stiftung Executive board. Its members include political, business and social leaders, as well as academic specialists. Its activities focus on funding studies, drafting position papers and promoting action strategies.

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