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Investing in Education More Effectively


When it comes to education, cost-saving measures can be expensive. Social inequalities result in educational inequalities, including inadequate access to a quality education. The consequences impact not only individual lives, but society as a whole, which is why everyone benefits when investments are made that ensure all children have access to high-quality early childhood education. At later stages of life as well, investing in education can help individuals to continue on their path to self-development while increasing society’s economic performance. Each child grows up in different circumstances, and each requires different resources as a result. In order to guarantee that the available means are used as effectively as possible, accurate information is needed on current needs and on which investments are achieving the desired results. Transparency, achieved through educational monitoring, is thus a prerequisite for ensuring that any investments made are effective and that they increase equal opportunity among learners

Focus Areas

Costs of Inadequate Education

Family background often determines how successful children are in school. What’s more, too many youngsters today finish their schooling without adequate preparation for the world of work. Inadequate education brings with it significant follow-on costs for both individuals and society


Investing in Early Childhood Education

The degree to which society values education can be seen in the amount of funding it is willing to invest in the educational system. Germany’s states commit different levels of resources to early childhood education and involve parents to varying degrees. Many states, for example, provide a year of kindergarten free of charge or offer language programs for children. Studies have shown that investing in quality education for the very young pays off. What has yet to be determined is which investments have a positive impact on later educational opportunities.


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