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Dreikäsehoch (Little Nippers) Daycare Prize

What makes a daycare facility “good?” Both parents and educators devote a great deal of thought to this question. The Dreikäsehoch daycare prize wants to know—and it’s looking for best practices that deserve an award! The foundation’s Dreikäsehoch prize was launched to recognize the excellent work being done by preschool educators and caregivers. We want to bring their efforts to the public’s attention and stimulate fresh ideas, which other daycare centers can then incorporate in their everyday activities. The prize was awarded for the first time in 2004 on the topic of “Settling in.” More than 400 daycare centers submitted applications. The theme for the 2005 prize, “Transitioning from preschool to school,” also met with widescale interest. This year’s topic is “Making the most of every child – Educational opportunities for children from disadvantaged families.”

The entries undergo a multiple-phase selection process that considers not only the basic concept, but how successfully it has been implemented in practice as well. After the finalists have been identified, a panel of academic specialists and real-world practitioners selects the winners. Once the prizes have been awarded, a report describing those daycare centers that have exemplary concepts and effective ideas for implementing them is made available to the public.

Our KiTa-Preise (daycare prizes)

2005 Dreikäsehoch (Little Nippers) Daycare Prize: “Transitioning from preschool to school”

After receiving wide recognition last year, the Bertelsmann Stiftung awarded its 2005 Dreikäsehoch (Little Nippers) daycare prize on the theme of “Transitioning from preschool to school.”


2004 Dreikäsehoch (Little Nippers) Daycare Prize: “Settling in”

Over 400 daycare facilities from all over Germany entered the competition for the Dreikäsehoch (Little Nippers) daycare prize last year.



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