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Menschen laufen vor Fahnen hin und her.

The Brussels Office of the Bertelsmann Stiftung

The Brussels Office of the Bertelsmann Stiftung

What we do

The Brussels office of the Bertelsmann Stiftung brokers know-how from a wide range of its EU-related projects. We develop strategies to help European societies cope with new patterns of global economic, social, cultural and political interdependence. Our activities focus on:

  • the EU’s future role as key shaper of globalization and social innovation
  • transnational good governance and better regulation
  • creating new opportunities and equal access for EU citizens in fields such as education, labor markets and public health
  • challenges and opportunities for Europe’s social integration resulting from world-wide migration
  • intensifying inter-cultural dialogue and exchange within Europe and between Europe and other regions

We convene experts, decision-makers, public-opinion leaders and representatives of civil society to foster creative thinking on relevant trends in these areas. We develop viable policy recommendations for political and social improvement and offer them to policymakers and key stakeholders.

How we do it

Our Brussels office operates as a networking facilitator, knowledge broker, and content provider. We foster partnerships with EU institutions, other European think tanks and foundations. In addition, we:

  • bring together “future thinkers” from all over Europe to include them in the Stiftung’s global foresight endeavors. Our outreach in this field introduces specifically European perspectives and ideas into dialogue formats such as the annual "Brussels Think Tank Dialogue" 
  • address items high on the EU’s internal and external agendas by regularly organizing workshops and panel debates covering issues such as sustainable political and economic governance, migration and social integration, Europe’s role in the world and trans-Atlantic relations
  • provide European policy know-how by acting as a broker between EU and national decision-makers on one hand and our Stiftung’s expert networks on the other. We offer in-house expertise and products on a wide range of the Bertelsmann Stiftung’s EU-relevant projects in the fields of education, life-long learning and employment, public health care and protection of patients, social and migration policy as well as foreign and security policies
  • scout relevant trends and best practices on the EU level and in its member states to inject them into the working agenda of the Bertelsmann Stiftung and into ongoing debates among the German public. By performing this monitoring task, the Brussels office enables the Stiftung to deliver tailor-made contributions to the political and public debate on Europe’s future in a globalizing world

The Brussels office provides a European platform for the timely transfer of best practices in the political and social arenas. Working hand in hand with our German headquarters and our partner offices in Washington, DC and Barcelona, we encourage interdisciplinary thinking and research.

Contact Persons
henning-vom-stein Henning vom Stein
+32 2 233 3893
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