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Cargo containers at a harbor, in the background one can see a container ship at the docks.
Source: © diego_cervo/iStockphoto

Denmark and Germany biggest winners of the EU single market

Since 1992, increasing European integration within the EU single market has been having a positive impact on economic growth in all founding countries. This is especially true of Denmark and Germany.



A boy is painting. Gütersloh - 25/07/2014

With too few educators at early childhood education centers, quality is often compromised

The quality of early childhood education often suffers because of a lack of personnel. Many of Germany's child care centers apply staffing formulas that fail to allow for a child-appropriate ratio of staff to children. There are also substantial differences from state to state.

Panel Discussion Gütersloh / Brüssel - 22/07/2014

European Unemployment Benefit Scheme to help absorb economic shocks?

How can the European Economic and Monetary Union be improved to help it withstand economic shocks? Can a European Unemployment Benefit Scheme help improve matters by acting as a form of 'automatic stabilizer'? These were just some of the questions debated at a conference which was held on the 20 June in Brussels.

Supporters of B.J.P.(Bharty janta party ) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi drinks tea at local tea stall in Srinagar, Kashmir to start his election camping Gütersloh - 14/07/2014

The Electoral Verdict and After: The Road Ahead for India

The decisive victory of the BJP in the 2014 Indian general elections came as a surprise to many. Most opinion polls, which had predicted a win for the BJP, had not anticipated the scale of the party's victory. A new Policy Brief examines the election results and the new government in India.

An eye behind a keyhole Guetersloh / Washington - 10/07/2014

"Obama's Choice"

The latest allegations of US spying in Germany have unleashed a new bout of anger in Berlin against Washington. Bertelsmann Foundation Executive Director Annette Heuser writes: This time, if the Obama administration does not meet Berlin's expectations for clarification of and an end to such intelligence activities, the whole of German-American relations are jeopardized.

Jinping and Merkel in front of the chinese and the european flag. Gütersloh - 04/07/2014

Policy Brief analyzes challenges and opportunities of Chinese investment

German chancellor Angela Merkel, accompanied by a business delegation, is visiting China. Mutual investment flows will be one topic on her agenda. German investors in China still encounter many hurdles, whereas Chinese companies in Germany may count on a generally open investment environment.


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